From MURRAY R. FALK, April 1995 (Revised June 2002)


 The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company, Canada


First, note the spelling, because it is tricky: ARTHUR PEQUEGNAT Clock Co.
 (The pronunciation is Peg-i-naw with stress on the last syllable.)
 The company was formed in Berlin, Ontario, by a family of Swiss watchmakers about 1879. They manufactured bicycles, watches and clocks.  Berlin is now not on the map, having changed its name to Kitchener in 1918 as a backlash to WWI. This provides a date reference.
 Because it was one of the most well-known and successful CANADIAN clock  companies, its products are very desirable in Canada. The company and the clocks it produced are subject of several books and articles by Jane Varkaris, FNWACC, a former NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) director. The clocks' Canadian values are well documented in "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Clocks" by J.E. Connell. (ISBN 1198-984X) This was first published in 1994, and now (2002) is in its second or third edition.
 The company made good-quality clocks, many having labels with Canadian names. The company made its last clocks about 1944, because its production was re-directed to the War effort, and the company wound up in the early 1960's. 1962, I think.
 If you have access to the NAWCC library, or to back issues of  "The Bulletin", then see the article in Volume 23, Number 5, October 1981.
 Hope this helps. I may be able to answer specific questions if they are directed to me at
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