New York, N. Y.


On August 13, 1885, the New York Standard Watch Company was organized and watches were placed on the market in 1888. About 1896, the firm began to manufacture an electrically wound pendulum clock whose movement was patented February 25, 1896 by Sigismund Fisher, a Russian emigrant then living at Brooklyn, NY. Also having 1/10 interest in Fisher's patent was Victor D. Brenner of New York, no doubt the same man well known as the designer of the Lincoln head penny.


Most clocks produced by New York Standard are large pendulum regulator clocks in walnut or oak cases. Although Fisher's patent also gave specifications for a striking mechanism, most if not all of the clocks manufactured were timepieces. If not before, production of these electric clocks ceased when the New York Standard Watch Company was purchased by the Keystone Watch Case Company in 1903.

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